Pairing Up Key Wardrobe Pieces

Pairing Up Key Wardrobe Pieces

How To Keep Your Purse Safe When You Are In Public

by Luke Horton

You most likely have heard about a purse snatching on a busy street where you live. You might have also heard about someone stealing one in a busy restaurant or even while the person was walking down the street. There are some ways to keep your purse as safe as you can while you are in public. Here are some ideas you can use to help protect your property.

While You Are Dining

One of the most popular places thieves choose to steal purses or bags is in restaurants or bars. For the most part, you aren't paying attention to your purse and many women hang it on the back of their chair or on the chair beside them. This makes it easy to have it stolen. Instead, place it on the floor in front of you, in between your feet and if possible, place one strap under the chair's leg. If you have one of those purses that can convert into a fanny pack, then attach the purse to your waist. It might not be as comfortable, but at least your bag will be safe.

Bathrooms or Change-rooms

Most bathroom and change-room stalls have those hooks where you can hang a purse or a bag from, but these make it easy for a thief to reach over and take them. There are a couple of things you can do here. If your bathroom has a larger paper holder in your stall, place your purse on top of that. It's within arms reach, lower down on the stall wall and harder for a thief to reach. You can also place paper on the floor in front of you at your feet and place your purse on that. In a change-room, place your purse on the bench you sit on, against the solid wall so thieves can't reach over the top and take it.

Walking or on a Bus

Purse snatchers find it easy to come along and take a purse right off your shoulder. To reduce the possibility of this, you can wear your purse across your body and hold on to the bag itself. If you are walking, stay close to buildings so one side of you is blocked and makes it harder for someone to take your purse. You can also use a purse securing strap for your purse for better security. In the same token, on a bus or in your car, you can use a securing strap to attach to your seat to keep the purse in place.


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Pairing Up Key Wardrobe Pieces

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